As funk and Hip-hop are beating down the block in Los Angeles with Dizzle — from South Central, Long Beach to Compton, the California lifestyle comes to life in a glass of liquid gold. Dizzle got the party started 20 years ago when celebrity barber and restaurateur Myke Dizzle introduced lifestyle in a glass that gave you the experience of palm trees, lowriders, backyard barbecues and flavorful SoCal cuisines.

Myke, like a chemist, crafted a customized island-flavored liqueur that perfectly infused a tantalizing blend of tropical flavors of ripe mango margarita, crisp citrus notes of orange and lemon, with the opulence and integrity of French cognac and agave tequila.

Well known for its uniquely blended island flavor, Dizzle surpassed the sales of all other mixed drinks on the menu of GS Sports Bar Restaurant & Lounge in Los Angeles. Classic cocktails like margaritas and Long Island Iced Teas were an ignored line item on the menu for years. 

By 2020, Dizzle had become a signature cocktail with two decades of successful restaurant sales and cult-like local demand. Its unrivaled quality and tantalizing taste inspired frequent patrons, Livio Harris and Chris Roker, to urge Myke to bottle Dizzle.

Myke partnered to launch Dizzle beyond the Los Angeles streets, even amid a worldwide pandemic, with Harris, who turned out to be a high-level and notable music industry tastemaker along with his partner Chris Roker, also a reputable promotions and marketing executive. Together the businessmen set off to lace retail shelves, bars and elite parties worldwide with the delicious island-flavored liqueur.

Dedicated to providing the ultimate Dizzle experiences that are curated for the hottest cultural and nightlife soirees around the world and in its third year on shelves — Dizzle partnered with CampNova. The lifestyle-tech enterprise organization known for its celebrity partnerships, experience-focused integrations and exclusive product/brands is expanding the highly sought after liqueur into a line of alternative lifestyle products that include legal hemp based consumer packaged goods such as gummies, cookies and shots.

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